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Is that why it's so popular with so many users


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Is that why it's so popular with so many users
  • Order Management
    Rich Rule Configuration Method without Manual Intervention for Fully Automated Order Management
  • Customer Service Robot
    No need to be online, fully understand the customer's language to automatically respond to messages, without worries.
  • Intelligent Purchasing and Inventory Management
    Intelligent purchasing advice, make full use of your funds, so that inventory is not a burden.
  • On-line homemade waybill
    On-line sheet drawing tool allows you to customize the address sheet, picking list, and draw at will.
  • collection
    Cross-platform SKU automatic matching, Chinese-English automatic translation + matching. There is no need to modify the one-click publication.
  • Diagnostic optimization
    Find out shop and product defects. Optimize product information to increase exposure and sales.
  • Marketing template
    Make product details a permanent destination for customers. Massive templates, you can do without artists.
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    Only in person, can be perfect display

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